Zeeland's westernmost tip

The village of Westkapelle lies behind a huge sea dyke on the westernmost tip of Zeeland. The village is known for its lighthouses, the 5-kilometre-long Westkappelse Zeedijk with beautiful sea views and clean beaches. Get fresh fish at Melis Seafood or have a nice dinner at one of the many restaurants in the village.

Westkapelle seawall

Westkapelle is surrounded by water on the north, west and south sides, the village is protected by dunes and the sea dyke. Construction of the Zeedijk started in the 15th century. Over time, the dyke was continually raised and strengthened. When visiting Westkapelle, be sure to climb the sea dike to enjoy the magnificent view! The waves, passing ships and exuberant sunsets continue to fascinate. If you turn towards the village, you will see the characteristic red roofs, a fascinating sight. Most of the houses were built during the period of reconstruction in the 1950s. Pre-war Westkapelle was virtually destroyed during World War II. The sea dyke was bombed by Allied armies in October 1944 to liberate Walcheren from the occupiers. The hole created in the dike gave the sea free play in the village, resulting, among other things, in the creation of a large creek against Westkapelle.


Westkapelle lighthouses

No matter which way you drive into Westkapelle, they immediately catch your eye: the lighthouses. A landmark on Walcheren not only for shipping at sea, but also for residents and tourists. At the edge of the village, you can see the 52-metre-high lighthouse 't Hoge licht. This lighthouse is definitely worth climbing! The lighthouse also houses a small museum.

The smaller lighthouse 't Lage Licht on the seawall is also called Noorderhoofd. This lighthouse is one of the things in Westkapelle most often photographed. The lighthouse is 16 metres high and has four floors. It has stood on the dike since 1874. Climb the steps, go outside and feel the sea breeze on your cheeks. At high tide, it is almost as if you are standing in the North Sea! The lighthouse regularly hosts exhibitions.