Land of Monuments

Discover the monuments of Zeeland

There has always been hard work, trading and fishing in Zeeland. Many citizens became rich as a result and you can see that in the inner cities of Zeeland. There you'll find large warehouses and tall mansions. In the smaller streets there are old houses, shops and workshops of tradesmen and craftsmen.


Vlissingen is strategically located and has often been shot at in wars. Yet many monuments have been spared. Around the Bellamypark, a muted city harbour, you will find many beautiful old streets and alleys. Typical of Vlissingen are the young industrial monuments, such as the Machine Factory and the Art Deco Carpenter Factory, both of which were part of the illustrious shipyard the Schelde.


In the Golden Age Middelburg became the second largest city in the Netherlands. Millions were earned through trade in east and west. One city palace arose after the other and the canals were built full of warehouses and mansions. In that historical setting (with more than 1200 national monuments) you now find plenty of shops, terraces and restaurants.


One of the smallest and most beautiful towns in the Netherlands. Veere fell into disrepair after a long successful period. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the city impoverished so badly that there was simply no money for demolition and new construction. That is why it is now bursting at the seams with monuments. Most striking are the fifteenth-century town hall with Moorish turret, the Great Church and the fortress wall. Around the whole town of Veere there are ramparts with footpaths.